When and Where is the Arby’s Classic Basketball Tournament?
The Arby’s Classic Basketball Tournament begins every year on December 26, unless this falls on a Sunday, then it will begin on December 27. The tournament lasts 5 full days and we do not play on Sundays. We play at Viking Hall at Tennessee High School in Bristol, Tennessee.

Where can I buy tickets?
Tournament passes are available for purchase online by clicking here. You can purchase tournament passes in person at the Viking Hall Athletic Office or at any local Arby’s location.
You can purchase individual tickets to each session at the gate 1 hour prior to each session’s start time.

Do you accept Credit/Debit cards?

Can I buy tickets or passes in advance?
You cannot purchase tickets in advance other than one hour before the sessions begin time, however, week-long passes are available for purchase online by clicking here, or in person at the Viking Hall Athletic Office, local Arby’s restaurants, and at the gate. 

How many sessions are there?
Typically, the first two days and last day of the tournament consists of 1 day-long session requiring one ticket. Day 3 and 4 typically consists of 2 separate sessions each in which all visitors must leave the building and return for the 2nd session with a new ticket.

Do you live stream the games?
Further information about video live streaming will be available soon. Live game commentary is streamed online and on the radio: Listen Live.

Are VHSCA Coaches Passes or other Coaches Passes accepted?
Sorry, only Arby’s Classic passes are accepted for this tournament.

Who runs this tournament?
Volunteers run this tournament! For 36 years, volunteers from Tennessee High School, Arbico East, and the surrounding community have organized and executed this tournament.

Where do the proceeds from the tournament go?
For 36 years, the Arby’s Classic has been a fundraiser for High School Athletics for participating schools. All proceeds are given directly to the participating schools’ athletic programs.

Are pets allowed at the tournament?
No pets are allowed at the tournament except service dogs.

How can I become a sponsor?
Just e-mail us if you are interested in sponsoring the Arby’s Classic!